Benefits of Recreation and Fitness for Women

Mental Health. Some women disregard this portion of their individuality which is actually equal to physical health. A healthy mind also means a healthy life. It cannot be compromised because once compromised, it will bring serious effects in your daily routine.

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Your loved ones may suffer in ways you can’t imagine, your relationships with people may crumble and your productivity level will decrease resulting to dissatisfaction in your work performance. All can happen at the same time without you even noticing them because you don’t know that your mentality needs some nourishment as well.

Mental health simply means the absence of mental illness or a state of psychological well- being where a person is effectively coping with the daily challenges by optimum behavioral and emotional adjustments which is perceivable as psychological resilient.

The World Health Organization (WHO), mental health includes “subjective well-being, perceived self-efficacy, autonomy, competence, inter-generational dependence, and self-actualization of one’s intellectual and emotional potential, among others.

According to statistics, mental illness is more common than lifestyle diseases like cancer, diabetes, or heart problems. 26 percent of Americans over the age of 18 falls under the criteria of having a mental illness while more serious mental disorders affect an estimate of 6 percent among adults.

So much with the bad news. The good news is that mental disorders can be prevented and can be treated once you are diagnosed of having it. But why will you choose to be diagnosed when you have the ability to prevent it?

Some ways of prevention include recreation and fitness exercises outdoor and sometimes taking supplements such as best bcaa for women formulated as pre workout products to enable best performance and fitness healthy in ladies.

There are a number of benefits that women must consider to help maintain a healthy mind. Here are some:

  1. Fitness and recreation provides relaxation

When you are part of a particular recreational activity or a certain fitness regimen, it means that you are taking care of yourself. That being said sends a signal to your brain that you give yourself some time to rest and take a break from the stressful world you are living in.

The stress might come from your work place, finances or family concerns and your mind is always obsessed with the notion to solve any issues this will all bring. Redirecting your mind focus into something that is totally different like engaging into sports or just exercising will provide you with the relaxation you deserve.

  1. It helps you improve your self-esteem

Most of the time, women find themselves in endless battle in many aspects of their life. Some women are handling it in the wrong way as they expose themselves into unnecessary competitions. They always bet themselves with too many blames of not being so good enough. The only healthy competition is the competition you make with yourself.

Striving to be a better woman you are than yesterday, that should be the only competition you will have to involve yourself in. instead of you beating yourself up with the feeling of how you’re not good enough crying over things you can’t control, find yourself something to do that you know will help you feel good about yourself.

Wall climbing, biking, walking, yoga, and surfing are just some of the many recreational activities you can choose from. All you have to do is to get up from bed and explore and live more.

  1. Mental and physical health in one

As mentioned, these two factors are important in your general well-being. You can’t focus on the other and compromise the other. But there’s no need to compromise anything.

Recreation and fitness provide you with physical activity that plays a vital role in your physical health. This can be obtained through exercising and just merely making your body work instead of living a sedentary lifestyle.

We know that this type of lifestyle gives women a higher risk of developing diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.

  1. It helps you maintain good relationships

recreation for Women RunningOf course there are people around you that expect you to be somebody reliable and responsible. They rely on you about many things. While it is hard to balance all these responsibilities, it is easier for you to take it all in because you have a healthy mind. You will know how to take things easy and you also know when to take some things in the serious level. In this way, the significant people around you will appreciate your ability to control the circumstances that challenge you as a woman.

That makes you a woman who is ahead of every game and that attitude is contagious. It will surprise you but people will start looking up to you and relationships will just be easy to manage.

So if you think that your mind is about to burst. If you’re in a situation wherein you feel anxious and depressed and that there’s nothing good happening around you don’t let yourself fall harder. Raise yourself up and engage. Engage in what it physically and mentally healthy for you.

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